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25/03/2011 20:20

Training on Solid Waste Management for Socotri Eco-guides

A lecture on SWM was presented by Eng.Mounir Bushra from the Italian Cooperation to give an overview on current state of SWM in the island and recommending new suggestions which could assist socotris to get rid of Solid waste in the Island.    
08/03/2011 14:33

Training on Birds for Socotri Eco-guides

EPA Socotra organized a training on birds for socotri eco-guides. the training is presented by Richard Porter from International Bird life Organization. More than 10 eco-guides attended the training which is followed by a field trip to Wadi Sirhin( one of the best sites for bird watching).
21/02/2011 12:03

UNDP Administrator hands the Equator Price to Rosh community

Helen Clark- UNDP Administrator - made a one day trip to socotra in which she handed the award of the Equator Price to Rosh Coummunity. The award supposed to be handed in America during a big celebration organized for the same aim. But since the nominator of the community didn't manage to get...
21/12/2010 21:08

Aljazeera shoots on Socotra

A crew of Aljazeera international arrived to Socotra few days ago.They shooted two videos. One concerns Climate change while the other talks about Eco-tourism.Watch the video on videos from Socotra
05/07/2010 08:50

Socotra Eco-tours getting English training

Staff of the Socotra Eco-tours has been getting training in English language in Sana’a these days. Since the windy season has started on Socotra and the tourist season has been therefore interrupted till end of September, it is the best time to improve one’s abilities. Abduljameel has been...
02/07/2010 20:54

Mystery over a missing child on Socotra

A three year old boy has been lost on Socotra since last Monday. The child was following his mother while she was going to visit her neighboring village at dusk time. The incident happened in Modhfor village located in the eastern part of the island. The mother returned back home but she was...
29/06/2010 16:55

Seventh eco-camp on Socotra

Another protected area on Socotra should be soon developed and managed by a local community. The protected area recommended by UNDP Socotra Governance&Biodiversity Project, the Environment Protection Authority and local council is Ayhaft. It is a wadi located in a vicinity of Hadibo with...
15/06/2010 09:16

Socotra has ten endemic birds

The tenth endemic bird on Socotra has been formally named Socotra Buzzard Buteo socotraensis. It is the rarest of all Socotri endemic birds. The resident, short-winged Buteo population on Socotra has been known for over 110 years. However only now it has been described after extensive studies and...
15/06/2010 09:03

Socotra Eco-tours celebrated the World Environment Day

The UNDP-SGBP(Socotra Governance and Biodiversity Project) celebrated the world environmental day on Socotra by public celebration which showed the importance of environment for human beings. The Socotra Eco-tours guides participated by organizing and facilitating the celebration.  
09/06/2010 12:03

Fishing season has finished on Socotra except one village

The windy season on the island has started two weeks ago which means that fishing can't be done except in Arirhan village . Old people say that in the ancient times, an angel passed by that village during the windy season and while he was walking there the wind blew up his cap. Then he prayed to...

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