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02/05/2010 13:16

New protected areas

Four new marine protected areas managed by local communities will be established in upcoming years. They will be located in Shuab, Mahref, Qara and Katanen. The facilities will be developed under the French funded marine component of the UNDP-GEF Socotra Governance and Biodiversity Project....
26/04/2010 20:57

Sea cucumber harvest

This year’s sea cucumber harvest has been under way on Socotra. Even though sea cucumbers are not traditionally consumed by Socotris, they have been popular with local fishermen who export them for attractive prices. Gathered sea cucumbers are sold to Mukalla and then to Japan and China. Since...
11/04/2010 22:38

Shrimp season in peak

A shrimp season culminates on Socotra during the month of April. Shrimps are collected every day in the Qariyah lagoon, a pool with a fresh water supply and a sea water coming during high tide. Enjoy Socotri shrimps in Hadibo restaurants or in Dihamri eco-campsite! Abduljameel enjoying fresh...
09/04/2010 20:08

New event

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09/04/2010 20:08

Website launched

Abduljameel and his friends have launched a new website of the Socotra Eco-tours travel agency specialized on holidays on the Yemeni island. The website will help future visitors to get a comprehensive information about Socotra and plan their trip in the most suitable way.
26/03/2010 22:49

Tourists smuggle corals

Bottles filled with fine-grained sand, plenty of corals, sea shells and even a whale bone were confiscated from tourists leaving Socotra in Hadibo airport in last four months. Customs officers complain that tourists are not aware of international convention against exporting corals and are not...
20/03/2010 22:54

Illegally fishing ships seized

Two Iranian ships illegally fishing in the vicinity of Socotra were caught by the Yemeni army in March. Crews were flown to Al-Mukalla for investigation, the boats left Hadibo port at the end of the month. The boats using forbidden non selective nets were spotted by fishermen from Stero on the...
26/01/2010 22:41

Lost fishermen back home

Three Socotran fishermen pronounced dead after getting lost while fishing sharks in September 28, 2009 happily returned back to Socotra in mid-January 2010. They were saved by a ship heading to Bangladesh and brought back home with help of Yemeni authorities. Most Socotran fishermen prefer...

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